Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q:  Where can I drop off my donation?

A:  Donations can be dropped at our office at 1010 Waugh Drive. We are located at the corner of Waugh 

and W. Dallas and parking is available on both sides of our building. Please join us for Donation Drop-off Day on December 11, 2017 from 10am-1pm at 1010 Waugh Dr, Houston, TX 77019


Q: Is there a deadline to drop off donations?

A: Yes, please drop off your donation by December 11th. Our clients will receive their gift prior to the



Q: What if I can’t get it there by December 11th?

A: It is most helpful to have the items before that date because we sort and bundle them by age. However, please contact us if you are unable to deliver your gift by that date and we may still be able to accept it. 


Q:  What type of items can we donate?

A:  For your convenience, we have our wish list on our webpage.  Our number one need is for gift cards, as we want to promote choice for our clients. $25 is the suggested amount.  We anticipate distributing over 1,200 gifts this holiday season.


Q:  Does your agency accept used items?

A:  We are not able to accept used items primarily due to health regulations.  Additionally, we do not have

space or ability to properly clean them. 


Q:  I am interested in volunteering; how would I go about this?

A:  Thank you for your interest in volunteering!  Volunteers can learn how to sign-up for this event by emailing Volunteer Coordinator Dana Deats at


Q:  May I take my children to volunteer with me?

A:  We do not currently have a volunteer program in place for children or teens.  Volunteers must be at 

least 18 years of age. 


Q:  Is your agency able to pick up the donation?

A:  If at all possible, please try to deliver your donations to us. We have limited ability to do pick-ups.


Q:  I will be collecting a donations at an event; would someone from your agency be available to make a presentation?

A:  It depends! We don’t typically have staff available during evenings or weekends to take this on. We 

cannot guarantee availability. 


Q:  Can I adopt a family?

A:  We do not have an Adopt-a-Family program. Our clients are invited to the Holiday Gift Express to 

select gifts for their families. Our goal is to let them make choices about the gifts they would like to give. 

If you would like to provide for just one family, please call 211 and see which agencies will allow this.



For other questions, please send an email to, or call Manager of Counseling and Advocacy, Aly Jacobs at 713-528-6798 Ext. 2239. 



Thank you for your interest in our Holiday Gift Express!